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Who is it for?
To minimise the risk of an incident and to assure a fast and effective response should an incident occur, responsibilities are placed upon all individuals involved within the carriage of dangerous goods.

‘The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2011’ therefore require that employers engaged in such activity ensure that all relevant staff undergo adequate training.

The course
The ADR General Awareness course allows individuals to safely dispatch, handle and receive consignments of dangerous goods in line with legal requirements.

CPC24-7's industry experts will provide consignors and consignees of dangerous goods with indispensable knowledge of ADR Regulations, along with essential awareness of:

  • key day-to-day responsibilities
  • safe and correct operating procedures
  • potential risks in the handling of hazardous materials

This course ultimately promotes safe operation throughout businesses, reducing the risk of an incident whilst also maintaining regulatory compliance.

1 day (qualifies for 7 hours Driver CPC)

ADR Initial

Benefits to the employer
Knowledgeable workforce Improve safety standards Ensure legal compliance

Benefits to the individual
Work safely and effectively in your job Develop your dangerous goods knowledge Claim 7 hours Driver CPC
  ADR General Awareness
ADR Training Manchester
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